Why a trip to Helsinki is a vegan’s dream

If, like me, you’re a vegan who frequently gets itchy feet and needs to explore and visit new places, you’re likely to stockpile plant based snacks to take away with you in fear of not finding any vegan friendly places to eat. A couple of weeks ago I headed to Helsinki and discovered it was a vegan’s dream. Here’s why… Continue reading “Why a trip to Helsinki is a vegan’s dream”

Why the Happy Cow app will change your life

If, like me, you’re always eating out, either because you’re a social butterfly or you’re regularly on the road for work, finding places to eat as a vegan can be difficult. I spent many hours Googling vegan or vegan friendly restaurants before I’d go somewhere new and consulting Facebook group member for ideas. Until the day someone introduced me to Happy Cow and it changed my life. And it will change yours, too! Continue reading “Why the Happy Cow app will change your life”

How to transition to a vegan lifestyle in 9 steps

In August 2017 I was a full-on meat-eater. I ordered steak rare, planned meals around what meat I had in the fridge and was 100% fooled by product packaging. After all, the contented looking hens, roaming around in lush grass was how all Happy Eggs hens lived, right?! But I always felt I was a hypocrite and firmly believed ‘ignorance is bliss’. In September I told myself that I would try giving up meat and go vegetarian for two weeks as a challenge, to prove to myself I could… muttering the words ‘but I could never be vegan, that’s too extreme and I love cheese too much’. Fast forward nine months and now I have been vegan for six months (since the start of 2018) and have never looked back.

If you’re interested in taking the plunge to go plant-based, trust me, it really is easier than you think. Here are my tips for making the transition from being omnivore or vegetarian to vegan.

Continue reading “How to transition to a vegan lifestyle in 9 steps”